The Texas Hawking Association is one of the largest and most active falconry organizations in the U.S.  Despite a rocky start in 1981, THA has grown in size and momentum, and today boasts a membership of more than two hundred and fifty individuals.

Membership is not limited to Texas-based falconers: THA has members from as far away as Great Britain and Alaska. It has been nationally recognized as a leading force in U.S falconry, and several of our members have served or serve on the North American Falconers Association's (NAFA) Board of Directors.

The Texas Hawking Association, through the Falconry and Raptor Council, serves as the representative of Texas falconry in regards to working with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department on state falconry regulations. For more than twenty years, THA has worked closely with the Parks & Wildlife Department to mutual benefit. On more than one occasion, this close cooperation has prevented passage of laws or regulations that would have been detrimental to falconry throughout the state.

THA understands and embraces the fact that new generations of falconers are coming along, and it provides a knowledge base and apprentice assistance program that is second to none. In order to become a licensed falconer, each individual must undergo a two-year apprenticeship under the watchful hand and eye of a general or master falconer. THA, through its Apprentice Coordinator, can help aspiring future falconers to connect with sponsors in their area who are willing to share their precious time and energy to guide new falconers through this difficult learning curve.

The Texas Hawking Association holds a number of annual events that are both fun and educational. These include the three-day Annual Meet in January, the weekend-long Summer Camp, the single-day Sky Trials and a numerous "Mini-Meets", usually hosted by individual falconers in various regions across the state.


Additionally, THA participates each year in the Texas Parks & Wildlife Outdoor Expo and the Dallas Safari S.A.F.E.T.Y. extravaganza. THA understands that public information and education is vitally important to the future of falconry, and honors requests from interested individuals and groups for publication materials, demonstrations and educational programs on a regular basis.

Each year, THA publishes its quarterly magazine, "On The Wing". This publication serves as a clearing house for THA news and information, as well as providing updates from other falconry organizations such as the North American Falconers Association and the American Falconry Conservancy. Each issue is filled with useful information pertaining to training and hunting techniques, equipment and furniture how-to's, and articles contributed by falconers that range from humorous to informative.

Falconry is an ancient and magnificent sport and art form, dating back more than 4,000 years. Those of us who practice this way of life today are few in number. Because falconry is so heavily regulated, it's vitally important for falconers to join and support their state and national falconry organizations. Where one voice may not be heard, many voices will.  Today, as in the past, we continue the struggle to maintain our falconry heritage. Only through cooperation and a collective effort will we be able to hand down this incredible tradition to the next generation of falconers.

Please consider becoming a member of THA today. Texas Hawking Association membership is open to anyone, not just falconers. Join THA, and come share the passion that is falconry.

Steve Oleson

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