As of 2010 falconry is regulated by the State of Texas, through Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. A falconer no longer needs a federal permit but falconers are still required to fill out and file the 3-186a form which is available on-line HERE. If for some reason you cannot fill out the form on-line, you will need to download a .PDF version of the form and send it in the Megan Russell at the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. DO NOT SEND THE FORM TO THE NEW MEXICO USFWS!!!

The federal government sets the minimum standards for falconry nationally. States which allow the practice of falconry must comply with these minimum requirements, but can also add additional requirements as they see fit. In short, if you meet the state of Texas requirements, you will automatically meet the federal requirements. This does NOT mean that you should ignore the federal regulations. Read them!

Below are links to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department's falconry regulations. There are also links to TPWD's home page and permits page.

Contact information for the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department in regards to falconry permits:

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
4200 Smith School Rd.
Austin, TX 78744
Attn: Christopher Maldonado


  Texas Raptor Proclamation: (Adobe Acrobat format)
Texas Non-Resident Trapping Permit Application (Adobe Acrobat format)


Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (Home Page)
Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (Permits Page)
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