THA Board of Directors

Corey Roelke - President 
My interest in falconry goes back to my childhood, but after finishing graduate school I decided I had the time to devote to the art and became licensed. I have an undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences and a Ph.D in Quantitative Biology. My interests include hunting, fishing, and herping (recreationally searching for reptiles and amphibians). I'm always trying to better my personal falconry, which is focused mostly on flying large falcons on ducks, but also the prairie grouse.  Currently I am flying two Texas trapped passage tundra peregrine falcons, BB and Sea Oats.   I’m honored to serve all members of our organization as President.  I am also currently the chair of the North American Falconers Association's future meets working group.  My primary goal for THA is to make us an upstanding example of a state full of ethical and successful gamehawkers!

Nicole Moore - Vice-President

Hello everyone! I'm Nichole, your Vice-President! I reside in East Texas and work as bird keeper at the local zoo. A fascination with wildlife started when I was young catching lizards, snakes, and other small critters, then attempting to sneak them in the house through my pockets. Raptors really hit the radar after seeing a gentleman give a talk while holding a golden eagle. Apart from the zoo, this was the first time I’d seen a raptor up close and I knew its was something I had to do. Fast forward many years I had moved to Stephenville to pursue my Wildlife Biology degree at Tarleton, the thought of being a falconer was just clawing at me.

Trapping my first bird was unbelievably exciting. She, Freyah, was a large kestrel flying a stout 145g. She was a great bird for my first season, slaying sparrows like a champ. That season really drove my passion even farther. During my time so far as a falconer I’ve had the pleasure of flying harris’s hawks, red-tailed hawks, kestrels, and Cooper's hawks.  I’m looking forward to eventually trying my hand at falcons as well as dipping more into accipiters!

Amy Forster - Southern Director

Kyle Irlbeck - Northern Director

As your Northern Director, I am happy serve THA and it members. I am going into in my 8th season, now flying a passage Tundra female named Pretty Penny. I have trained under Master Falconer Jimmy Walker for close to 20 years.

THA has been a dream come true for my hunting and falconry career. I have spent many seasons hunting and trapping with my heroes in the falconry world. Watching, learning and stretching my knowledge of the sport and its nuances. After participating in countless hunts in all types of terrain with dozens of different birds and chasing quarry, I have multiple perspectives to share with our club. This will help me in the leadership role of Northern Director to fill in where needed and hopefully steer the direction of this club for many years to come. Feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or ideas for mini meets and update me on what bird/birds you're flying. I'm here for you, the members.

Matthew Reidy - Director-at-Large

I am also a certified wildlife biologist with a bachelors degree in wildlife management from Texas A&M University and a masters degree in range and wildlife management from Texas A&M-Kingsville. I work as a regulatory wildlife biologist for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department with primary job duties of working with private landowners and the public on all aspects of wildlife management in South Texas. I look forward to working with everyone within the Texas Hawking Association and hope to do my best for the sport and the club.

Lloyd Sherman - Secretary/Treasurer

Outreach Coordinator - Currently open

Dennis Hurley, Editor: On the Wing

I grew up in North Texas but moved away for a number of years to attend college and to serve in the Army. I was a counter-intelligence agent and Farsi linguist in the Army, and spent a year in Iraq. After my time in the military, I worked in a sales-management role, and also worked on the side as a freelance journalist and editor. I am excited to use that experience to contribute to the organization while serving as editor for On the Wing

I finally came to my senses and moved back to Texas to open an insurance agency with my wife.  I am an apprentice falconer, and am grateful to have a knowledgeable sponsor who doesn’t mind me peppering him with questions as I learn.  I look forward to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience in the association through On the Wing.

Apprentice Coordinator - Northern

Apprentice Coordinator - Southern


 Social Media Coordinator - Haidyn Lierz




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