The Texas Hawking Association (THA) is a non-profit 501-C(7) member-supported social organization that serves licensed falconers, individuals interested in becoming a falconer, and anyone with a general interest in falconry in Texas. The THA strives to provide its members and the falconry community as a whole with important information regarding the sport of falconry. In addition, THA actively participates in conservation related projects for raptors and other wildlife, and provides public education on the traditions and practice of falconry. Since its inception in 1980, the THA has grown into one of the largest falconry clubs in the nation. The THA is a product of numerous volunteers who help organize events, conduct outreach in the community, assist beginners and apprentices, and furnish both online and printed publications.

On the Wing, the THA publication, presents a wide variety of articles submitted by practicing falconers from Texas as well as across the nation. 

THA hosts several events throughout the year. Our Annual Field Meet is a major four-day event with renowned speakers and great hunting opportunities. The Bushytail Bash features incredible squirrel hawking in East Texas.  The Summer Picnic is well attended, affording an opportunity to share good times and food with THA members during the off-season.

Becoming a member of THA is one of the easiest ways to join the falconry community. Falconry is a unique experience where humans and raptors share the bond of hunting. The decision to become a falconer should not be made lightly.  The THA provides information about falconry regulations and requirements.

An important goal for THA is to increase member diversity. Falconry is a healthy activity that can be enjoyed by all.  Falconry connects us to nature, but it also connects falconers to its heritage. As of 2010 falconry has been awarded Intangible Cultural Heritage status by United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). This recognition is important for preserving the future of falconry and for the continuity with its long history. The cultural diversity and traditions of falconry gives each practicing falconer a sense of belonging to a great world.

Wise conservation is a guiding principle of falconry. The THA has formed a cooperative relationship with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department to foster a sustainable use of raptors in falconry in a context of legal protection for raptors and access to game species. Promoting and establishing falconry regulations and conservation practices affecting falconry based on science is a long held view of THA. Falconry organizations like the THA work to improve the rights of falconers in the sport. Joining THA gives a greater voice to the falconry community which helps to ensure the continued practice of falconry in Texas.

Additional information is also available on Texas Hawking Association Facebook page.